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Report Image

Full NameDejan Damjanović
Date of Birth27 July 1981
Height (cm)187
Weight (kg)81
Hair ColourBlack
Skin ColourWhite
Facial HairUnknown
Squad Number10

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Daegu FC Squad

#   Nat Player Pos Age Rt
9Edgar SILVA
SILVA, Edgar F(C)3382
11Fernando CESINHA
CESINHA, Fernando AM(RLC),F(RL)3082
44Tsubasa NISHI
NISHI, Tsubasa AM(C)3076
29No Player Image
RYU, Jae-Moon DM,M(C)2778
8Seon-Ho JUNG
JUNG, Seon-Ho M(C)3175
20Sun-Min HWANG
HWANG, Sun-Min AM(RL),F(RLC)2980
77Hyeon-Chul JEON
JEON, Hyeon-Chul AM,F(RL)3075
17No Player Image
KIM, Jun-Yub D,DM,M(RL)3277
-Seon-Min KIM
KIM, Seon-Min M(C)2875
31No Player Image
LEE, Hyun-Woo GK2670
5No Player Image
HONG, Jung-Woon D(C)2580
-Dong-Jin KIM
KIM, Dong-Jin D(RLC)2775
3No Player Image
KIM, Woo-Suk D(C)2380
-Chang-Mu SHIN
SHIN, Chang-Mu AM,F(RLC)2773
36No Player Image
PARK, Han-Bin M(C)2276
-No Player Image
KIM, Kyung-Joon F(C)2370
-Jin-Hyuk KIM
KIM, Jin-Hyuk F(C)2776
32Chi-In JUNG
JUNG, Chi-In AM(RL),F(RLC)2273
14No Player Image
KIM, Dae-Won F(RLC)2380
18Seung-Won JUNG
JUNG, Seung-Won M(C)2380
8Jin-Hyun LEE
LEE, Jin-Hyun AM(RLC)2280
1Young-Eun CHOI
CHOI, Young-Eun GK2473
16No Player Image
KANG, Yun-Koo D,DM,M(RL)2777
28No Player Image
LEE, Dong-Geon D(C)2165
33Tae-Han KIM
KIM, Tae-Han D(C)2473
38No Player Image
JANG, Sung-Won M(C)2376
-No Player Image
LEE, Hae-Woong M(C)2167
26No Player Image
KO, Jae-Hyeon M,AM(C)2173
37Hoo-Sung OH
OH, Hoo-Sung M(C)2070
40No Player Image
CHO, Yong-Jae M(C)2265
15Jae-Hyeok LIM
LIM, Jae-Hyeok F(C)2170
23No Player Image
YE, Byeong-Won M,AM(RL)2265
42No Player Image
SON, Seok-Yong AM(RL),F(RLC)2165
4Tae-Wook JEONG
JEONG, Tae-Wook D(C)2376
25Jun-Hee LEE
LEE, Jun-Hee GK2673
41Hak-Yoon LEE
LEE, Hak-Yoon GK2063
2Tae-Kyu KO
KO, Tae-Kyu D(C)2365
34Joon-Ho SONG
SONG, Joon-Ho D(C)2263
39No Player Image
PARK, Jae-Kyung D(C)2463
13No Player Image
SONG, Ki-Woong D(RLC)2463
19No Player Image
JEONG, Yeong-Ung M(C)2363
27Min-Seo PARK
PARK, Min-Seo M(C)1960
DAMJANOVIĆ, Dejan F(C)3880

Player Position

Position DescTarget Man
Preferred FootBoth

Rating History

Player History

2020-04-21Daegu FC80
2019-08-12Suwon Bluewings80
2018-01-04Suwon Bluewings83
2017-03-25FC Seoul83
2016-03-22FC Seoul85

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